Another year later...

Four devlog posts. But not four years. Six.

In 2014, I posted a quick, dirty and rough little sketch to what was my tumblr back then, at the peak of when certain idol game franchises took over the internet and its culture. Back then, it featured a bloodied, beat-up random girl holding a gun. I dressed her in pink plaid skirts and slapped a crude "Idol Wars" on top of it. That was the beginning of a long, wildly wound journey across many different ideas for plots, formats and characters. 

I first assembled a half-hearted, playable interface on Ren'Py  for a game that was literally named "The Idol Wars" in 2015. I liked the idea of developing an idol game, but further down the process I realized that an idol game featuring wars and literal guns was both hard to write (would the idols shoot each other? What's the rating, then? Will it be graphic? Will it all be metaphorical like in Revolutionary Girl Utena's sword fights?!) as well as hard to develop, as I envisioned the player fighting the wars themselves.

At some point, it finally became what is now AIDOLES - harmless, fun dating to the backdrop of young female LGBT instead of guns-toting superstars.

It is now 2020. One of my new year's resolutions - disregarding the fact nobody ever fulfills those - was to release the game this year. Henceforth I sped up development by a tad, which led me to another realization: I need backgrounds. Lots. And lots of them.

So, now I am busy drawing backgrounds mostly. I am stupid for making all of them by myself. I have finished 13 thus far and plan on several more. Again, I am stupid.

Yet why am I having so much fun doing it?

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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